The Beginning

Last May, I got sick a few weeks after a I competed in a judo tournament.  I started to feel very tired and ran a fever.  I also felt weak in my arms.

I ran a fever every other weekend for a month, with  sore throat and fatigue. My Mom took my in to see the doctor and told them she thought I had mono.  The doctor said it was more likely strep throat, and he did a rapid strep test.  We later found out it was negative and nothing else came of it.

Then I ran another really high fever the first weekend of June and by then my Mom was convinced I had mono.  We were on a long weekend away in Bend, and we drove home with me very sick with a high fever in the back seat.  Mom took my to immediate care as soon as we got back home.

The immediate care doctor did a mono spot test, which tests for mono caused by the Epstein Barr virus. The result was negative.  But he said that there are other viruses that can cause mono, which my Mom didn’t know about.  They told me to rest and to stop martial arts until at least mid July.

When I didn’t seem to get better with rest, my Mom took me to a naturopathic doctor, who gave us antiviral herbs to combat the virus My Mom also gave me other supplements to help get me back to normal.  Those put it down completely and by mid-July, my mono symptoms had pretty much cleared up.


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